Recorded Worship

This page contains video recordings of recent worship services at St Andrew's. 

During the COVID-19 restrictions, live gatherings for worship have been restricted. Within COVID-safe protocols, St Andrew's live-streams the weekly  9am Worship. The links below are recordings of these Services.  We hope these are helpful for your personal reflection, devotion and encouragement.

 May you always sense the blessing and peace of God as you worship.

15-May-22 - A New Commandment

8-May-22  -  Coping with Disaster

1-May-22 - Jesus: Always With Us

24-Apr-22  -  Just One More, Lord

17-Apr-22  -  Easter Day

15-Apr-22  -  Good Friday

10-Apr-22 - Palm Sunday

3-Apr-22  - The Apostle Paul's Life Race 

27-Mar-22 - Tale of Two Brothers

20-Mar-22 - Unity and Diversity in One Body

13-Mar-22 - How to Handle Crisis - Face or Flee

6-Mar-22 - Satan's Power and Limitations

27-Feb-22 - A Mountain, A Cloud and A Voice

20-Feb-22 - The Water Gate Revival

13-Feb-22  How Long, O Lord?

6-Feb-22  If You Say So

30-Jan-22  Are You Familiar with Jesus? 

16-Jan-22  Lessons from Unlikely Heroes

9-Jan-22  Luke's Gospel (Synopsis)

2-Jan-22  Be Careful How You Live