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St Andrew's Library

The Library, available every Sunday, provides books and resources covering a range of topics for all age groups.  You are welcome to borrow books at any time. 

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You are encouraged to contact St Andrew's Library Coordinator for further information about available books and borrowing arrangements. 



mainly for adults...


This is a group for Seniors of St Andrew's and meets on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of each month.  Activities are varied and cater for social conversation, eg "Coffee and Chat", and building friendships.



Uniting for Fellowship (U4F) meets on the first Thursday of most months. It is a group for Adults and provides a variety of activities and occasional outings.  Please check St Andrew's e-Calendar to obtain details of the program for a particular date.  


Seniors' Lunch

This is a community lunch for seniors and is held at 12 noon on the 4th Thursday of each month from February to November.  All seniors are welcome.

The lunch is held in St Andrew's air-conditioned Auditorium and you will receive a full two-course lunch, with tea and coffee.  There is usually a Speaker who shares on a subject for everyone's interest plus musical entertainment.  

It is a time for connection, relaxation and conversation.

A donation of $10.00 is suggested and appreciated.  Any surplus funds from these lunches is used to extend St Andrew's Mission and outreach in the Hawkesbury area and beyond.


Andy's BoomXers 

Are you in your 50s or 60s? Come, join in!

Have fun. Share your hopes...dreams...concerns, through faith, love and friendship. 

Mainly for Christians going through similar stages in life.


 St Andrew's Singers

 St Andrew's Singers meet regularly to rehearse.  Their beautiful singing leads worship at Uniting Care Hawkesbury Village usually on 4th Monday of each month at 11am, and also at St Andrew's on other occasions. Anyone who enjoys singing is very welcome to join this group.


Blokes' Breakfast

A Men's Breakfast is held  on a Saturday Morning every quarter.  It starts at 8am and men of all ages are welcome to come and enjoy a hearty hot breakfast.  After breakfast there is a speaker who gives a short (usually illustrated with PowerPoint) presentation or talk on a topic of interest to the audience.

It is a good time for relaxing and sharing friendship.


  Tech Gurus 

Tech Gurus is an interest group for those who wish to learn skills, troubleshoot and solve technical problems and to explore new possibilities with their electronic devices.

In 2020, the group meets on an as- needed basis only. 

Please always check St Andrew's e-calendar to confirm dates. 

The purpose is to share and increase technical skills, knowledge and problem solving, for mutual benefit.  Everyone is encouraged to be a "guru" through learning new skills and sharing the skills they have acquired. Bring your device, tablet, phone, laptop.  Access to the Internet is available. 


 Patchwork and Craft

This group meets on the third Thursday of each month.  Everyone is welcome to bring their own craft to work on, or learn a new skill with patchwork tuition available.   


Women's Breakfast

 A Women's Breakfast is held  twice a year on a Saturday Morning. This begins at 7.30am and welcomes women of all ages to enjoy breakfast.  This is usually followed by some activities and a speaker who shares a theme of current interest - a great time for relaxing and friendship, and some tasty food.  You do not even need to wash the dishes!


mainly for children, youth and parents/caregivers

St Andrew's Youth (SAYOUTH)

 St Andrew's Youth meet each Friday night during school terms. A typical Friday night includes games, hanging out with friends, music and a short Bible Study.  Many of the ideas for the program come from the group members, so there is always something for everyone. 

All youth from Year 5 through High School are welcome.

More info at  SAYOUTH Facebook PageCheck-it-out.

The following pic describes the program for the first Term:



Time Out for Mums


TOFMs is a group which provides opportunities for mums with preschoolers to have some "time out" from the hectic pace and challenges of a mother's daily life. TOFMs usually meets from 9.45am Wednesday fortnightly in school terms, and uses much of the excellent indoor and outdoor safe spaces at St Andrew's.

Whilst the children are provided with a relevant program for their age and capabilities, the mums meet for their separate program of discussions, craft and relaxing activities.  Morning Tea is shared separately with both mums and children (a great opportunity for a "HOT Coffee!!")

Children's program leaders are cleared with Working with Children Checks (NSW Govt) and Uniting Church Safe Place practices are in place.

Note: TOFMs is not meeting at this stage of 2019.  If you have an interest in being involved in this group, please make contact with St Andrew's and we will connect with you.  



Playtime is a welcoming place, operating on a "playgroup" style for pre-school children and their parent/caregiver.  There is a mix of structured play (including craft and musical activities) and free play using the secure indoor and outdoor shaded spaces.  The group's main play space is St Andrew's air-conditioned Auditorium. 

The program starts at 9.30am on Monday mornings and includes time for a shared morning tea.