St Andrew’s offers a very warm welcome to all newcomers and visitors.

Light Refreshments are available following most Worship Services.

You are most welcome.

PLEASE NOTE:  The usual format of Sunday Worship Services is described below.  However, during the extended impact of COVID, Worship Services described below are currently replaced by one Sunday Service at 9.30am and you are most welcome to be a part of this Worship Service.


Experience the presence of God in worship at the following Services:


8.30am - this Service is currently on hold.

Sunday worship at 8.30am is traditional worship style held in the heritage-listed St Andrew's church. A warm welcome is offered to all.

Songs and hymns generally are sourced from songbooks or hymnbooks and supported by PowerPoint presentations. 

Church members participate in various ways, leading prayers, and reading the scriptures which link with the day's message by our preacher. The Revised Common Lectionary is often used as the basis for each week's worship but there also are different seasonal or other themes for which focus is given.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is shared on the first Sunday of each month and everyone is welcome, regardless of denomination or background.

Following the service, light refreshments are provided in the Auditorium of St Andrew's Centre and everyone is welcome to stay for conversation and catch-up.


9.30am  - in the Auditorium every Sunday

Relaxed, family-style Worship which usually includes worship songs, led by band, singing group and supported by PowerPoint presentations.

This Worship Service is a shared experience for all ages.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is usually shared on the third Sunday of each month and everyone is welcome.

After most Services, everyone is invited to share refreshments in St Andrew's Centre. This is an opportunity for all ages to enjoy time for friendship and care.


6pm  -This Service is currently on hold

 “Sundays@Six”: Modern worship, led by Band and Singers including creative illustrative projected material and music, this worship service meets in St Andrew's Auditorium.

Once a month the service is in Cafe Church format. 

Everyone is welcome to stay after worship for a friendly chat and some refreshments.

Holy Communion is shared during Sundays@Six on the fifth Sunday of the Month.

Everyone, including children are most welcome.




 In addition to the regular worship, there is: 

WORSHIP FOR INTELLECTUALLY IMPAIRED ADULTSthe first Friday of every month at 10.30am - 12.15pm.

  This provides a full worship service with special focus for this special group of men and women.  The features of this worship include dramas, lively singing, illustrated Bible stories and following the worship time, a sumptuous spread of refreshments provided by the congregation.



Special Event Services are held to celebrate the diverse gifting within the worship and serving life of St Andrew's Congregation.

These include Easter and Harvest, St Andrew's Day and Christmas. 





For further information about any of these Worship Events, please contact St Andrew's and also consult St Andrew's e-Calendar for times and details.